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Please read the following safety instructions!

1. XXL GRIPs have been developed exclusively for bodybuiding and weight lifting, and aren’t toys!

2. Use the XXL GRIPs only if you are in a physically good and healthy condition.

3. If you have an allergy to rubber or similar materials, you should avoid the use of or direct contact.

4. If you are unwell or feel pain then stop the exercise!

5. Regularly check your XXL GRIPs for damage. Use the XXL GRIPs at your own risk. We assume no liability for injuries etc

6. Use the XXL GRIPs exclusively as described, to prevent possible injury. Use the XXL GRIPs in pushing exercises (for example bench press and shoulder press) just so that you push the GRIP on the bar, while you should not see the opening (Picture 2). At a pulling motion (for example bicep curls, and rows) you should also make sure that you push the GRIP on the bar. Here you should see the opening (Picture 1). Never use the GRIPs upside down, that you could press them during an exercise off the bar. For safety, you enclose with your thumb the XXL GRIP. Be carfeful during exercises where the weight is over your head, to avoid injury.