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Frequently Asked Questions

What are XXL GRIPs?
XXL GRIPs are specially designed ergonomic grips that are placed over the handles of a dumbbell or barbell. You almost double the volume of your grip. XXL GRIPs are used and recommended by leading athletes in the fields of bodybuilding, martial arts, weight training and various other sports. The outside diamater is on the wides part 60mm and on the inner diameter it is 30mm, so the XXL GRIPs are designed specifically for the European market.
For what are XXL GRIPs used for?
Feel the difference. XXL GRIPs have been developed so that you have to use more force in the exercise than usual and thus you train muscles that were previously hardly trained. Thrugh this you develop more strength and more muscle. You will feel the difference already in the first training. In addition the material attenuates and protects your joints.
From what material XXL GRIPs are made of?
XXL GRIPs are made ??of a special high-tech rubber, which is also used in the aerospace industry. They are very durable, weather-and moisture-resistant, ozone-resistant and suitable for higher temperatures. Thus, you will prolong the enjoyment of the XXL GRIPs. We don´t use cheap silicon like other competing companies.
Can I choose a cheaper alternative?
You'll notice the difference immediately! Thru the unique ergonomic shape and the material you have the perfect grip even with sweaty hands. You have more safety and comfort and a more effective workout, as with home-made alternatives. Your health and your success, it should be worth to you!
How do I clean XXL GRIPs?
The best way to clean your XXL GRIPs is with conventional water and soap. Don not use rubber attacking stuff!
On what should I look for?
Note the saftey instructions in order to avoid possible injury. Controlling your XXL GRIPs regularly for damage. If you have a latex allergy, you should avoid direct contact.